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Yesterday, horse-drawn carriages and limousines, now hybrids and sedans, for a stay or a meal, for nearly 150 years the customers have stopped with a certain and familiar pleasure in this privileged land of hunting and fishing, between Val de Loire and Sancerre. The Sologne is a wild territory and full of water thanks to its ponds, which make it rich and attract a clientele of nature lovers. A region of romance superbly described by the writer Maurice Genevoix, it is delicately expressed as far as the Pays-Fort where we find soils that are more favourable to farmers and winegrowers. On the other hand, the sandy soils reveal wonderful market gardening terroirs, asparagus and strawberries that blush with sin, but also wonderful and discreet vineyards.

In Aubigny-sur-Nère, La Chaumière is a most classic inn, rooted in these traditions of welcoming and eating well. It will allow you to discover the region's many historical and architectural treasures, its delicacies, but also the know-how of craftsmen, sidereal technologies...



The commune of La Chaumière.
Scottish land in Berry, Aubigny, a garden and historical town, is a museum in the street thanks to a unique set of half-timbered houses built during the Renaissance.

Testimonies of the history between the kingdoms of France and Scotland, the Cité des Stuarts has an exceptional heritage: Saint Martin's Church, the Château des Stuarts and the Grands Jardins de la Duchesse de Portsmouth et d'Aubigny.

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Aubigny-sur-Nère Aeroclub

2 minutes from La Chaumière.
Founded in 1946, the flying club is today composed of a dynamic team to share your passion!

As Richard Bach said: "A plane symbolizes freedom, joy, the possibility of understanding. These symbols are eternal."

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Briare and its canal bridge

40 minutes from La Chaumière.
The Loiret can boast of having one of the most exceptional engineering structures in the world. Built from 1890 to 1896, this metal canal bridge spans the Loire with a giant step to connect the lateral canal to the Loire and the Briare canal.

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Sancerre and its winegrowers

40 minutes from La Chaumière.
The place to discover all the secrets of the appellation while having fun.

The Maison des Sancerre offers you an interactive and fun itinerary that will please young and old, beginners and experienced amateurs alike!  

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30 minutes from La Chaumière.
Menetou-Salon is a very old vineyard if you believe the old writings.

The vineyard now covers about 550 ha. The recommended grape varieties are Sauvignon for the White, and Pinot Noir for the Reds and Rosés.

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35 minutes from La Chaumière.
Gien is first of all the Faienceries and its museum.
But it is also a land of castles: La Bussière, La Chapelle-d'Angillon, La Ferté Saint-Aubin, Saint-Chevron, Saint-Brisson-sur-Loire...

You can also relax in the green spaces of the arboretum National des Barres, the Domaine du Ciran and of course the Château de Gien which also houses its Hunting Museum... 

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The ferryman of the Loire

45 minutes from La Chaumière.
In the heart of the Loire Loirétain valley, come and discover the wild river, its meanders, its strikes, and its unique landscape on board a traditional boat.

With family, friends, colleagues... Embark with one of our guides/pilots on board our boats to share their common passion and varied sensibilities in a friendly moment.

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Within 1 hour from La Chaumière.
Bourges is a city of monuments, culture and greenery. 

With its cathedral listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its medieval city, and the Jacques Cœur Palace, which is considered one of the most beautiful civil Gothic buildings in France!But also the Printemps de Bourges, the night light, the marshes...

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Federal riding park Lamotte Beuvron

30 minutes from La Chaumière.
A unique equipment in Europe!
Designed by clubs for clubs, it is now a key element in the development of the FFE. It is an ideal place to support the training effort of clubs and riders.

It is the national equestrian site with the highest attendance rate in terms of the number of horses and ponies received each year.

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25 minutes from La Chaumière.
Between the trees of our Sologne forest lies an atypical metallic landscape: the instruments of the Nançay radio astronomy station. 
But in Nançay you can also discover the Capazza gallery, which has a space conducive to the enhancement of the works. Each visit is an initiation trip.

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Jacques Coeur's road

A few steps or a little more... from La Chaumière.
The Route Jacques-Cœur was created in 1954 on the initiative of 3 castle owners. First called "Circuit des Châteaux du Cœur de la France", France's oldest historical route offered visits as well as night-time discoveries and illuminations on their sites, the tone was set.

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Castle of Blancafort

10 minutes from La Chaumière.
Discover in the shaded freshness of the Sauldre Canal, nestled in a green setting, the wonderful site of Château de Blancafort, a 15th century fortified house.

There is very beautiful furniture and tapestries from the 17th and 18th centuries. Blancafort is a private and inhabited castle that you can visit.

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Castle of The Verrerie

15 minutes from La Chaumière.
Classified as a Historic Monument, this family castle is reflected in a lake of white water in the heart of a large forest.

Various activities will allow you to discover the places according to your desires: theatrical visits, the House of Helen, concerts, hunts. On site, also enjoy the 40 hectares of private park, canoeing on the lake, mountain bike rides...

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Castle of Sully sur Loire

30 minutes from La Chaumière.
The imposing medieval architecture of Sully Castle dominates the Loire Valley during its seven centuries of existence.
With its high towers, its moats still in water and its superb broken barrel structure, the castle presents itself as a guardian of the rich hours of French history. 

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The potteries of La Borne

Within 30 minutes from La Chaumière.
The hamlet of La Borne is ideally located in the heart of the forest on an important sandstone vein. Thanks in particular to the exploitation of its natural resources, it became an important place for the creation of pottery from the 15th century onwards.

Today, you can admire international exhibitions, particularly in the remarkable contemporary ceramic centre La Borne, a 665m² glass gallery. But also visit the Pottery Museum or the Ivanoff Museum...

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Castle of Chambord

About 1 hour from La Chaumière.
The unique and magical atmosphere is felt from the moment you arrive, after crossing the forest, when you find yourself facing an extraordinary architecture designed by François Ist and haunted by the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci.

By visiting Chambord, you can discover 500 years of French history in a few hours.

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